As your coach, I’m committed to helping you define your goals and achieve the life and career you truly want. Read the testimonials below to learn about some of my clients' experiences with my coaching.


Hear What My Clients Have Said.

Artwork by Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik

Gale Nichols is an amazing coach. When I went into placement I was a bit nervous and made a first attempt at my resume and personal statement. She took my documents that I thought were ok and she raised them to stellar quality. She helped me to understand how to best market my strengths.


Gale's preparation for interviews was excellent.  I went in feeling confident that I could present my career achievements in an inspiring and compelling manner. The bottom line: Gale helped me get my first choice position.

Gale is the very best. I cannot thank her enough for helping me get the job I most wanted. 

Gale helped me to ask questions of myself and to understand what values drive me on a daily basis. Mostly, there were no big surprises, but Gale helped me to set new goals and deepen my intention based on these goals. Gale’s mix of humor and sincerity, and her understanding of both Jewish community and business practice, offered strong support for the deep work I needed to do. I am incredibly grateful, and I recommend Gale to other rabbis who are seeking coaching to support them within their current work or in finding different work that will feed their soul.

There’s “Before Gale” and “After Gale.” Before Gale, I was lost, uncertain and confused about the direction of my professional life. I had various ideas of what I thought I should do but struggled to define where I would fit and why I would fit, scared of making a wrong decision.

Once I began working with Gale, she enabled me to identify and relate my personal values and strengths into a fundamental understanding of myself that I use as a guide for the vision of my future. If I seemed to be moving off-course, Gale was there to push back and help me realign, never letting me settle. She has helped me define a path for myself, not by inserting her opinion, but by listening and skillfully asking the types of questions one often doesn’t (or can’t) ask themselves. Every conversation has pushed me towards my short-term goals and long-term vision, empowering me to work on becoming the best version of myself.

After Gale, I am much more focused, driven, and confident in the direction I am headed because she helped me fundamentally understand myself better. Her abilities as a coach have helped me establish a clear picture of what will help me lead an impactful and fulfilling life.

It took very little time in conversation with Gale to find the focus and direction I'd been seeking for months. I came to her scattered and with a number of competing ideas in my head, all of which were appealing and none of which was fully formed. In very short order, Gale was able to help me peel back the layers of my competing interests and figure out which were most resonant and, therefore, which to pursue. She was a patient and intuitive listener, reflecting back what I was thinking in a way that helped me see myself and my desires more clearly. Thanks to her, I'm off and running.

Working with Gale made a great impact on how I decided to take control of my professional growth. Gale's methods were effective in framing my personal challenges and professional obstacles in a manner that made them seem approachable and more manageable to tackle. I gained a confidante and champion of my career in the process.

This has been my first experience with coaching and I was unsure if it would work for me. However, Gale quickly surprised me with her ability to uncover the real issues I face. She has helped me to discover a lot more about myself, including buried worries and fears. Gale also encourages me to think of and implement means of solving problems. I find the coaching sessions truly priceless!